With René Papin, you’ll benefit from:

Comparative Reviews 

One negative consequence to a non-competitive employee benefit plan is the regular departure of key workers – many times to direct competitors within your industry.

Of course, with their defections, you lose not only immediate productivity, but also any investment you’ve made in their training as well as the expenses associated with locating, hiring and educating their replacement.

With René Papin, you’ll receive periodic reviews that detail how your benefit plan ranks in comparison to other companies in your sector and/or geographical area.

Ongoing Analysis

It’s not uncommon for some brokers to inform clients of benefit plan cost increases as much as 20% … or more. An unpleasant surprise in and of itself, such increases not only wreak havoc on immediate cash flow projections but also longer-term financial plans. 

With René Papin, you’ll gain ongoing analyses that better enable you to anticipate expenses, manage cash flow and optimize your company’s financial planning. You’ll enjoy more options – and gain greater peace of mind – through his approach that allows proactive instead of reactive strategies.

Human Resources Assistance 

When a key employee cannot work due to an illness, how does that impact your business? Do you have an absence management strategy?

With René Papin, you have an experienced human resources expert on-call and, with him, timely answers to your HR questions. An added benefit? His expertise can save you time and money by reducing your liability exposure with employees.